Program Schedule

March 23 & 24, 2023. All times are in Eastern Standard Time.

  • Thursday, March 23rd (times in EST)

  • 8:30am-9:45am

    Librarianship, the Author, the Archive

    Moderator: Dan Radus

    “The Legacies of James Pilling's Bibliography of the Languages of the North American Indians in the Library”

    Rebecca Slatcher (University of Hull and the British Library)

    “Who Authors? Reflecting on Indigenous Voices and the Problem of Authorship”

    John H. Pollack (University of Pennsylvania)

    “Killing the Black Snake: Discerning the Hand of Haudenosaunee Scholarship in the Archive”

    Rowan Red Sky (University of Toronto)

    “Doing Indigenous Book History at Amherst College”

    Brandon Castle and Rebecca Henning (Amherst College)


    Making Books – Anthologies, Bibliographies, and Critical Editions

    Moderator: Amy Gore

    “Reviving the (Art of Singing in the) Cherokee Language: A Critical Edition of the Cherokee Singing Book

    Sara Snyder Hopkins (Western Carolina University)

    “Indigenizing Bibliography”

    Robert E. Walls (Indiana University)

    “Southeast Australian Aboriginal Art: Culture-Making and Curating for Country”

    Sabra Thorner (Mount Holyoke College), Frances Edmonds (University of Melbourne), and Maree Clarke

    (independent artist and curator)


    Reviving, Reclaiming, and Redefining Genres

    Moderator: Dan Radus

    “Reading the Archive for Early Indigenous Children’s Literature”

    Jessica Cory (University of North Carolina at Greensboro)

    “Corn, Kinship, and Genre in Early America”

    Marie Balsley Taylor (University of North Alabama)

    Binigula'sa' Origin Stories: Common Themes in Isthmus Zapotec Books”

    Angelica Waner (University of California at Los Angeles)

    “Muy Primos Maestros: Fray Toribio de Benavente Motolinia’s Misreading of Mesoamerican Memory and Mediascapes”

    David Medina (Northeastern University)


    Book Arts: Visuality, Typography, and Design

    Moderator: Amy Gore

    “Before and Beyond Print: Ledger Art and the Long Arc of the Visual in Indigenous Book History”

    Jeremy M. Carnes (University of Central Florida)

    “Typographical Strategies for Publishing in the Indigenous Languages of Latin America During the Colonial Period”

    Marina Garone Gravier (National University of Mexico)

    “Following ‘a Pen Guided by Intimate Knowledge’ of ‘an Indian’s Life’: The Design of George Copway’s Traditional History and Characteristic Sketches of the Ojibway Nation (1850)”

    Jared Hickman (Johns Hopkins University)

    “Black Hawk’s Life of Black Hawk and the Control of the Book”

    Allison Siehnel (State University of New York at Buffalo)

    Friday, March 24th (times in EST)


    Production, Circulation, Audience

    Moderator: Dan Radus

    “Books as linguistic media? Preserving indigeneity in colonial and postcolonial Nigeria”

    Asha Rogers (University of Birmingham)

    “Queen Lili'uokalani's Hawaii's Story by Hawaii's Queen: A Textual Counterargument to U.S. Imperialism”

    Lisa McGunigal (University of Tampa)

    “The Politics of Media Format: Printing Poor Sarah During the Removal Crisis in Cherokee Nation”

    Sonia Hazard (Florida State University)

    “’I am now about to publish’: Printing William Whipple Warren’s History of the Ojibway People

    Ben Pokross (Yale University)


    KEYNOTE PANEL: New Directions in Indigenous Book History

    Moderators: Dan Radus and Amy Gore

    Featuring presentations and a conversation with:

    Dr. Phillip Round (University of Iowa)

    Dr. Kiara Vigil (Amherst College)

    Dr. Caroline Wigginton (University of Mississippi)


    Community Engaged Partnerships and Collaborations

    Moderator: Amy Gore

    “Nipwaantiitaawi (Let's Learn from Each Other): Documenting the Genesis of a Miami Nation of Indiana Book Series”

    Rachel Linnea Brown (Marian University), Evan Casey (Marian University), and Keith Layman (Miami

    Nation of Indians of the State of Indiana)

    “Creating Community Through Indigenous Literature: A Workshop on Hosting Virtual Book Clubs”

    Silvermoon LaRose (Tomaquag Museum) and Melissa Michal Slocum (Trusses of Change)

    “’The SAI Reading Circle—Why Not?’: Indigenous Books, Community Organizing, and Political Activism in the Early Twentieth Century”

    Rochelle Raineri Zuck (Iowa State University)


    Materiality and Form

    Moderator: Dan Radus

    “Talking Back to Books”

    Emily Gowen (American Antiquarian Society)

    “Ely S. Parker’s Newspaper Scrapbooks as History”

    Patricia Roylance (Syracruse University)

    “’Make me a stick with a sharp point’: Sarah Winnemucca’s Landscape Literacy”

    Kristen Brown (Northern State University)

    “Artists’ Books and Examples of Materialities of Indigenous Book Production”

    Isabel Dulfano (University of Utah) and Lyuba Basin (University of Utah)

New Directions in Indigenous Book History

Virtual Symposium


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